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Click here for the Southland Super Contest Official Rules

Greyhound Contest Handicapping Format

  • To enter any Contest, go to Contest page and choose Sign up option. Registration is free of charge. Each player may only register one time.
  • Selections: please see section below.
  • There will be numerous contests held during the course of the year. There is however, no actual currency wagered in a contest and contest wagers will not be placed into any pari-mutuel system. All monetary values are stated in U.S. Dollars.*
  • Players will be allowed to change their selections during the tournaments (see complete Selection description below).
  • Scoring – please read the complete Scoring section in the Official Rules.

SELECTIONS All players must submit their selections before entries close for that contest's races. Selections may be made as soon as a contest is open for selections. Typically, this will be one or two days prior to the beginning of a contest. It is strongly recommended that players submit their selections as early as possible.
Each contestant is permitted to select one greyhound per race of the contest as their projected race winner.
A contest race’s official order of finish and the win payoff posted by the host racetrack based upon a $2 wager will determine each player’s payoffs except for their bonus race.

    Preliminary A. The closing time for making PRELIMINARY selections is two hours prior to the first race of the contest. This time will be prominently posted on our websites and in the contest email announcement. Any player without at least one selection entered at Preliminary selection cutoff will be eliminated from the contest.

    Modifications to Selections B. At 15 minutes to post of the 1st race in the contest selections will be re-opened for modifications. Modifications to selections will be available throughout the contest and systematically close at the 3 minutes to post warning for each race.