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The Big JackPot Betting Adventure

The Concept

One Track - One Bet - One Greyhound

BigJackPotBetting continues at Tri-State Greyhound Track.

In conjunction with Big Jackpot Betting, Tri-state will be promoting and encouraging Win Betting. This is really nothing other than a traditional Win Bet but what is new is that Tri-state has agreed to slash the "takeout" down to an industry low of 9.4%.

For those of you who play exotic wagers this Win Pool has significantly less takeout when compared to the average takeout on those other bets. In effect, Tri-state is providing a rebate or discount to every customer that places Win Bets. Larger returns to the bettors should mean more wagering success for those players astute enough to take advantage of this situation and it should result in bigger pools and of course more money wagered overall. This is truly a case of putting the best interests of the fans first.

If we can generate bigger pools the potential to grow this product will be enormous and all of us who love Greyhound Racing will be able to share in its reformation as it grows into a major sport once again.

Big Jackpot Betting is pleased to be able to offer Internet Wagering on this Win Pool and to promote this concept we will offer only Win Betting at Tri-state and no other wagers or tracks. Anyone interested in preserving Greyhound Racing in Florida and more importantly giving themselves the greatest chance of wagering success will support Tri-state and the entire Greyhound Industry by wagering into the Big Jackpot Win Pool.

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